Bride Surprises Grandma By Wearing Her Wedding Gown 55 Years Later

Weddings are a special occasion for a couple in love, but it can also be a momentous occasion for their family members as well. And the special moment when a bride appears in her wedding dress can be breathtaking. At this wedding rehearsal dinner, that moment was no exception.



Every bride looks for the perfect dress to wear on their perfect day, but for this bride, 23-year-old Jordyn Cleverly, this dress was perfect for more than one reason. Yes, it’s gorgeous, but more importantly, it has a significant history. The dress Jordyn wore was her grandmother’s wedding dress. For her “first look” photographs, she chose to surprise her grandma.


Photo: Kortney Peterson


Jordyn managed to get ahold of the dress without her grandmother even knowing! The bride wanted it to be a special surprise, so she secretly obtained the dress her grandmother had worn in 1962.


Photo: Kortney Peterson


Jordyn’s wedding photographer, Kortney Peterson, helped Jordyn plan a special surprise moment at the rehearsal dinner. When the excited grandma was asked to step outside, she didn’t know what awaited her. First she saw a picture of herself in her wedding dress, and then she turned around to find her granddaughter in the same dress she’d worn 50 years before.


Photo: Kortney Peterson


“I just saw her staring at me,” says Jordyn. “And she was just speechless.”


Photo: Kortney Peterson


To make the moment more magical, rain began to fall and according to Kortney Peterson, “It was an absolutely beautiful moment and everyone around was silent.” Happy tears followed. “We all viewed that as sweet teardrops from heaven. Since her grandfather passed away many years ago, it was like he was there with his sweet wife watching Jordyn wearing the dress from their big day. Truly beautiful.”

Jordyn hopes that the dress stays in her family for years to come.


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