Adorable Toddler Caught Protecting Her Big Sister From Their Mom

Nothing on this planet is as powerful as the bond between sisters, even though they sometimes fight each other. When the time approaches, they will always fight for each other.

This mom was trying to discipline one of her daughters at a restaurant and her youngest daughter wasn’t having it. The adorable girl shown in the video appears to be 2- 3 years old and she is a feisty one! She stood up for her big sister and was protecting her from their big bad mommy.

She began yelling back at her mom and throwing punches. This may sound like a bad situation in a family restaurant, but it was just too cute. Luckily it was all caught on camera.




It all seemed to be just a harmless joke, to see this babies cuteness unfold and the big sister was in on it! Catch her smirk at the end.

At least they know she will always have her sisters back.


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