Breastfeeding Mom Has Perfect Response to Jealous Woman Who Told Her To Cover Up

Feeding a hungry infant can be challenging whether you are a breastfeeding mom, a bottle feeding mom, or some combination of the two. One of the biggest concerns of new parents is how to know when their newborn is hungry and whether they have gotten enough to eat. So when out and about with a hungry baby, most moms just want to get them quiet and well-fed.



Whenever an occasion where a nursing mother is admonished in public, the debate over public breastfeeding is fired up once again.

Nicolle Blackman was nursing her child at a McDonald’s when a fellow customer complained. “I was very annoyed when she said that. Why would I cover up my son? He holds his breath when he’s covered.”

Although Nicolle said she was not exposing her nipple at all, the woman wanted her to cover up because her husband was staring. “I noticed he was staring. I understand people are curious and it doesn’t bother me. I’m going to feed my son regardless. His wife was really concerned but I wasn’t concerned.”

So what did Nicolle do? She covered up, just not her baby’s head. Instead, she put a blanket over her face. The upset woman took her husband and left. “You could only see the side of my boob so I was like ‘okay’ and covered my face. She grabbed her husband and left. My daughter said she looked mad.”



Nicolle had purposely chosen a corner booth in the restaurant and said the couple had sat right next to them despite the restaurant being mostly empty.



Nicolle’s son, Cameron, was 3 months old at the time and had been recovering from tongue-tie surgery and wouldn’t take a bottle. Says Nicolle, “There is nothing wrong with covering up if that’s what you choose to do. Nobody knew that my son had surgery and wouldn’t take a bottle. People are judging before they know the story. I’m hoping to help other women by speaking out about it to encourage them to stand up for their children.”

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