Girl Adopts Dog Who Saves Her From Attack

We love stories about the heroic acts of animals, and this is one of our favorites!

Georgia Bradley, a student from Plymouth University in England, took a trip to Greece, but it didn’t turn out how she’d planned.

While walking one night on a beach in Crete, Georgia was approached by two men. She was immediately unnerved when the two men tried to continuously strike up a conversation with her. There was no one nearby to help. Eventually things escalated, they asked her to go for a drink and when Georgia refused, one of the men grabbed her by the arm. That’s when Pepper stepped in.




Pepper, a small black stray dog, defended Georgia, barking at the men and standing side by side with Georgia until they finally left.

“She saved me,” Bradley said to the Plymouth Herald. “She must have noticed something was wrong. When I went back to the apartment she followed me and finally let us stroke her. We had an instant bond.”




The two formed an instant bond, but eventually Georgia had to return home to school. “When we left to go to the airport,” Bradley said, “we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking.”

But it only took 2 weeks for Georgia to change her mind. She bought tickets back to Crete and began her search for the dog. “It was a real risk because we may never have found her again,” Bradley said, “but when we saw Pepper on the beach, it was the best feeling ever.”




The adoption process took a while because Pepper was undocumented and had no medical records, and Georgia had to travel back and for several times before the process was complete, but eventually Pepper was allowed to return to the UK with her new owner.

That’s when Georgia got another surprise!





Pepper was pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies a week after moving to the UK! A happy ending for everyone, and we wish the girl and her sweet dog all the best.

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