Christopher Reeve’s Son Is Grown Up and Inherited His Handsome Father’s ‘Super Genes’

It’s hard to imagine Christopher Reeve without his Superman costume on, standing svelt and handsome, about to vanquish an enemy of Earth. The actor was widely known for his good looks–the piercing eyes and chisseled features that utterly charmed viewers.



Many celebrity children are the spitting image of their famous parents, but this comparison is fascinating. Christopher Reeve’s son, Will, has inherited his father’s good looks. They’re not lookalikes but the handsome features are plain to see. Will, just 25 years old, has largely stayed out of the media’s eye, but is now starting a new job with ESPN’s SportsCenter.




Christopher Reeve was widely famous for his acting career, but also known for directing, producing, screenwriting and equestrian sports. Will, however, has been focusing on his schooling and working hard to start a new job with ESPN. He attended Middlebury College while working as a production assistant for Good Morning America.

In 1995, Christopher was in an accident while riding a horse and became a quadriplegic. He was 42 years old. His wife, Dana (mother to Will) stayed by his side and both became activists.



Christopher died in 2004 at the age of 52. Dana passed two years later from lung cancer. Recently, Will attended a fundraising gala for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, where photographers finally got the pictures they’d been waiting for. Will is an Ambassador for his parents’ foundation, which raises money for spinal cord injury treatment research. At his job on ESPN, Will will focus on highlighting the humanity in sports, emotionally engage sports fans.


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