God Sends Angel After Husband Crashes While Rushing Pregnant Wife to Hospital

When California man Hongwei Zhang drove his wife to the hospital when she went into labor, his excitement and nerves got the best of him. Though he was doing his best to get her to the hospital so that she could have a safe delivery of their daughter, he crashed the car!



It was about 3 am when Ying Shi realized that the labor pains were getting really strong. So she woke up her husband and let him know it was time to get going. So the excited mother and father to be jumped into the car and sped toward the hospital. Hongwei took a wide turn while exiting the interstate and hit a concrete barrier. The car was totaled.



Don’t worry, Ying Shi and the baby were fine, as was Hongwei. The airbags had deployed but no one was hurt. Ying Shi, however, couldn’t get her door open, but her husband struggled with it and finally got it open. But there was one surprise–the baby was born!

Hongwei then managed to flag down a car passing by. The driver was nurse Dayna Dumont. “He was saying, ‘My wife! My wife!’ The next thing he said was,’The baby came!’” said Dumont. “I quickly jumped out of my car.”

Dumont immediately checked the baby. “I took a peek and there was a baby. (The mother) was in the (seat) with the baby between her legs and in her pants.” Dayna works at Scripps hospital in San Diego.



The paramedics soon arrived and took the new family to the hospital for a thorough check up. Dayna headed home.

The new parents released a statement through the hospital. They wrote: “First of all, as Christians we want to thank God for keeping us safe through all of this. Next, we want to thank all of the people who gave us help. When this happened, we thought we were all alone. But very quickly, a woman stopped to help us and called 911. Then a man stopped to assist. They were both complete strangers but they stopped to help us anyway.”

Though the outcome could have been much worse, it turned out to be a hiccup in the otherwise joyous night. The couple named their daughter Anna, and she’s doing great.

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