Father of America’s Got Talent Star Dies From Cancer Days Before Show’s Finale

Evie Clair is not only an amazingly gifted singer, but a brave and courageous young woman as well. Appearing in the current season of America’s Got Talent, the 13-year-old has impressed the judges, the audience and millions of people watching at home. In the beginning of the season, Evie revealed that her father, Amos, was battling colon cancer. Now we have learned that just days before her final performance, Evie’s father has passed.

“Obviously, we’ve reached out to them,” Simon Cowell, one of the judges, said. “The message we got back is she thinks she wants to come back. We think the family wants her to perform. I think, personally, her dad, not knowing him but what I did know about him, probably would want her to be there. If she doesn’t, and that is her decision, I respect that. Then we would invite her to come back next year. It has to be her decision. Whatever happens, whether she turns up or not, that is a tough night for her. I really feel for her.”

Evie has decided to honor her father by performing in the America’s Got Talent finals, TONIGHT!

Pray for Evie Clair and her entire family as they are experiencing this difficult loss.

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