Get Inspired With Reba McEntire and Her Song “Back To God”

In news that excited country music fans everywhere, Reba McEntire released a new album, entitled Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. The album was released on February 3, 2017, and was accompanied by an inspiring music video for the song “Back To God.”



Released through Nash Icon Records and Capitol Christian Music Group, her album was so successful that the “Back to God” video was nominated for the female video fo the year at the CMT Music Awards. Reba said it was “very sweet” to be nominated and to have her faith-based song recognized.

“The first time I ever heard it was in 2008. Randy Houser wrote it, recorded it, I fell in love with it and I said, ‘Man, I would love to redo that song someday,'” she said to reporters at the awards show. “And here we are in 2017 recording a gospel album and I thought, ‘Wow, I gotta do that song.’ And then we chose it as a single and got to do a video on it and here we are now nominated.”



After 35 number one singles and tens of millions of albums sold, the musical artist is most definitely at her best with her new album, in which she uses her unmatched talents to celebrate her faith in Jesus Christ, and to inspire the rest of us to the same uplifting faith in God. The album begins with Reba’s take on more traditional gospel songs, and ends with more modern tracks about faith. “Music conjures up great memories and goes hand and hand with us McEntires,” said Reba. “Mama, Susie and Alice even came into the studio with me to record ‘I’ll Fly Away,’ all of us gathered around an old hymnal straight from the Chockie church.”



Reba has always had strong faith, and when asked about the hardship across the world in recent times, she said, “It’s very crucial to listen and search your heart and see how to improve it. It’s a situation where we have no control over, and for us to think that we can fix things is pretty silly. I have a child who is in the race car business, and people say, “Don’t you worry?” I say, “Oh no, I gave him up to God a long time ago. That’s God’s child. Whatever happens to Shelby and his racing, I’m confident God will take care of him. God will take care of (all of it).”

Thanks to Reba for her inspiring words, and even more inspiring music!



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