Hospital Refuses To Admit Young Mom In Labor, Now Looking For The Strangers That Helped Her

Shortly after a mom in labor was turned away by the hospital, she gave birth on the streets with help from a number of strangers. A year later, she started looking for one of those strangers, who gave her a scarf.

On Dec 22nd, 2016, Lizzie Hines from North London gave birth to her son, Louis, on the pavement in central London after the hospital refused to admit her because she wasn’t “far along enough.”

They Checked into a nearby hotel but were only there for half an hour before they headed back to the hospital, sure the baby was coming sooner than the doctors thought.

On her way back to the hospital with her husband accompanying her, Hines realized she wouldn’t make it back in time.

My husband thought we were sitting down for me to have one last contraction before he carried us, running, into the hospital. But I knew I was sitting down to have the baby. I just couldn’t speak at that point to tell him,” she recalled.

I wasn’t thinking about the outside world, I was just focused on giving birth to my baby—which for us was the most all-consuming and beautiful experience.”

It was only afterward when I reflected that giving birth on one of the busiest roads in the country probably wasn’t the best idea.”

Lizzie realized she had nothing to wrap her newborn son in, but just then someone came forward and swaddled Louis in a knitted scarf, protecting him from the elements.

Lizzie reflected on the selflessness and kindness of this person and the other commuters who came to her family’s aid. She wants to find these good folks to thank them for all they did.

I have no idea who the scarf owner is, the events are such a blur,” she said.

She didn’t get any names or contact information, though none of us would expect her to!

Lizzie’s post has garnered thousands of shares from people hoping to help her locate her child’s angel. So far, they have yet to be found, but we hope that by sharing this story Lizzie and Louis will be reunited with this good Samaritan soon!


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