Man Tired Of All Negative News From 2017 Reminds The World Of All The Positive Things That Happened This Year

To Leave things on an Uplifting note for the ending of 2017, a gentleman by the name of Jacob Atkins brought attention to all the Positive things that happened this past year. Bad news sells and the media thrives off the negativity, with things like politics, crime, and war being the headlines, while positive feel-good stories usually get cut off at the end.

Jacob Atkins decided to gather a list of some of the great things we accomplished this year, with positive and genuinely interesting achievements that you would struggle to locate in a news update.

Now, I’m not saying we should ignore these things, but perhaps a little balance in our news reporting wouldn’t hurt. Because other than the doom and gloom we are continually surrounded with, there is so much to be grateful for and to celebrate.

Scroll down below to check out Jacob’s list, and feel free to add your own Uplifting News in the comments.




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