Keep Your Leather Bags Looking Just as Great as They Did from Day One!

Pulling out some of your older purses and noticing they are a little warn or dirty in appearance? Well, give this homemade bag cleaner a try for your money!

With just a few household products you can put this solution together and get to cleaning. In no time at all, your favorite pieces of luggage will be as good as new.

See Below for how it works. Enjoy!

Materials Needed

  • paper towels

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar

  • 1/4 olive oil

  • 10 drops of a citrus essential oil

  • small bowl


Mix together the vinegar, olive oil, and essential oil in a small container, whisking to incorporate.

Dip a clean paper towel into the homemade cleaner and then gently rub on to the leather purse. Use a clean and dry paper towel to gently wipe down any remaining oil.


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