Help Stay Organized with this Reusable Picture Frame Agenda!

Dinner plans, work meetings, swimming lessons…..get all your ducks in a row with one quick trip to the dollar store. This DIY reusable picture frame agenda has been an absolute lifesaver for me, and it will be for you too! Easy to make, personalize it however you want, then sit back and enjoy life with the simple pleasure of being organized!


  • 8 pane picture frame

  • scissors

  • scrap paper

  • pencil

  • dry erase marker


1. Begin by removing the backing of each picture, and then setting the backing and sample photo aside.

2. Choose the scrap paper you would like to use for each frame, then using the sample photo trace the correct size of scrap paper that will be needed.

3. Using your scissors carefully cut all out all the proper sizes needed.

4. Insert your scrap pieces into each of the frames, then add in the cardboard backing and secure.

5. Flip over your picture frame, and using your dry erase marker add in the days of the week and a “to do” section.




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