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Kids Drown Puppy In Glue And Leave Him For Dead, Rescuers Come Just In Time

It is hard to think of a more disturbing story than that of an innocent animal being tortured by humans. Pascal, a small dog who gained fame recently, was the victim of just this sort of treatment.




Pascal was discovered absolutely covered in glue after being attacked by a group of kids in Istanbul, Turkey. The glue was so thick it was almost like a layer of cement covering most of his body. He was discovered and brought to a rescue shelter for treatment. Said the shelter, it was “like a second skin in time and as thick as cement, preventing blood flow to several points in his body.”

The shelter’s Facebook page recounts what those first moments were like for the poor dog. “As we take him out of his box and put him on the ground, Pascal moans in pain dragging his two feet. They seem to be broken during the accident. He finds a dark corner in the examination room where he hides from us. His stare meets ours in this incredible moment of shock; betrayal, terror and pain seemed to have almost materialized in his broken soul. He is just a baby yet, but his eyes look much older. He is expecting the worst.”




The shelter, He’Art of Rescue, was horrified at his condition but determined to give him the time, attention, and love to get him back in shape. Though Pascal was traumatized and wary of the shelter workers, they managed to get rid of the glue covering by shaving off his fur. Even when shaved, Pascal was in such shock that he lay still in a corner of the shelter for nearly an entire day before beginning to move around again.




The shelter wrote on their Facebook page, “Although Pascal has been cleaned from the horrible chemical , the incident left a huge scar in his soul. It is in his eyes , in his posture , in his lack of trust for people…”




Despite this horrific story, Pascal finally got his happy ending. The pup was adopted by a new family and is now happy and healthy. Pascal’s new family is from Spain and he loves running the on the beach with his new mom!





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