Sweet Old Man Gives Up His Dog Because He Cant Do It Anymore

My heart melts whenever I come across stories like this. Luckily we have rescue centers like Good Karma helping little pups all around. Good Karma is a Charity Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Their mission is to rescue dogs and cats in need by offering them shelter, care, and love until their forever homes find them. This Precious Yorkie goes by the name of Biggie and he is the sweetest puppy ever! He was brought to Good Karma by his owner who was also a sweet old man like Biggie. He couldn’t care for him anymore and he did the next best thing for him.

Biggie has a handful of health concerns, such as rotting teeth and tumors growing from different parts of his body. He will need major surgery that will cost approximately 1,000-2,000 dollars according to Good Karma.

They have created a Paypal & Venmo account just to accept donations for Biggies procedures. In a Facebook post, they shared pictures and pleaded for anyone’s support. In the link below is where you can send donations… Remember anything helps.


 http://paypal.com/xcli…/[email protected], or via Venmo (username: GoodKarma-PetRescue). Thank you for helping us help Biggie! ❤️🙏


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