Did You Know You Could Use Mason Jars Like This?

This is such a clever idea! Not only is this a unique way to use mason jars, but it’s great for re-purposing small plastic snack containers instead of throwing them away.

These containers are handy for road trips, snacks, lunches or picnics. They’re also amazing for keeping ingredients separate that would get soggy if they were packed together (like chips and dip, cheese and crackers, and granola and yogurt). Snacks have never been so tasty!


  • Mason jars and lids

  • Small plastic containers (from snack sized packaged applesauce, fruit cups, etc).

  • Your choice of snacks


Save some used small plastic snack containers from snack sized applesauce and fruit cups.

Fill your mason jar with chips, salads, yogurt (or anything else you like). Fill the small plastic containers with food that you wouldn’t want to store in the mason jar (dip for chips, crackers, granola for the yogurt, etc.).


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