Never Lose Your Drink Again! These Chalkboard Wine Glasses Are Perfect For Any Dinner Party

Have you ever run into the situation at a dinner party where you put your drink down but then can’t find it again?  A simple application of some chalkboard paint plus a little creativity and you’ve got yourself some custom wine glasses that are perfect for your next gathering!

This easy DIY chalkboard wine glass takes 24 hours to complete and allows you to show a bit of your creative side! The result is a set of wine glasses that are perfect for an impromptu gathering at the house, a wine tasting party or even used festively throughout the holidays.

Materials Needed:

  • Wine glasses

  • Chalkboard paint

  • Paintbrush


This is pretty simple! Chalkboard paint is pretty versatile and works on a lot of different surfaces so really all you have to do is paint the base of the wine glass!

Let it dry and if you need to, add a second coat.

Then all that’s left to do is write your name!

These will go over great at any parties you have because everyone can decorate their glass however they choose!


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