Roaming Toddler Shocks Mom and Others at the Grocery Store

16-month-old Joey is bringing love and joy to the world, and it’s going viral.

When Joey escaped from her mother in an Arkansas grocery store, the cutest scene developed. Her mother grabbed the camera and shot a video of her daughter’s little adventure!



Now some might think it is unsafe for such a tiny one to be exploring away from her mom, but just notice what a little freedom for the little girl became! Joey toddled around the store waving and smiling at her fellow customers, and even gave one lady an enthusiastic hug. Hey, everyone can use a good hug.



Joey’s pleasant antics received reactions from people on Facebook. Said one person, “How special she is! She needed a little freedom but she made everyone happy including me. Just watching this made my day. Thanks Mom!” Another noted, “This is precious. As Jesus said and a little child shall lead them is so true.”

Joey’s mom, Caitlin Baum of Little Rock, couldn’t believe the reaction her spontaneous video has received. She said,”Wow. That is all I can say! I never imagined this video would get the kind of response that it has! I am so happy that she has been able to move so many people.”

The short but sweet video has received over 1.5 million(!) views on YouTube. Check it out.

Do you think you could resist a wave or a hug from baby Joey?


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