Discovery by Paleontologists May Be Proof of Flood Story Told In Bible

Another chapter has been added to the debate between atheists and the deeply religious recently. In the seventh chapter of Genesis, a great flood is described, one that is said to have destroyed the entire world. The passages describe the event in detail. While religious people believe the story is accurate, others consider it to be merely a mythical story.



But recently scientists have found whale bones in the Sahara Desert, in Egypt. The whale bones were found 100 miles from Cairo, a very dry location indeed. The paleontologist who found the skeletal remains of the whale have dated them to around 37 million years ago, and designated it to the Basilosaurus isis species, an ancient whale that was 50 feet long and had no blow hole.



While those who believe the Bible’s story believe the discovery to be strong proof that the flood really did occur as the Bible described, scholars disagree.

As one put it, “Anyone who knows anything about the history of the Earth knows that the surface of the Earth has changed countless times. Northern Africa was once a shallow sea before it became a desert, and I assume whales swam in it. The current dry conditions of the Sahara worked to preserve the Whale skeleton and allowed it to be discovered.

The southern US was once a sea too, that is why you find ocean fossils all over in Texas, Louisiana, etc. The short duration of the Biblical Flood would be insufficient to accumulate all of the fossils that can be found in many limestone beds around the world. Please quit spreading junk science in the name of news.”



But religious believers have their perspective too, “Atheists will not believe no matter what. Sad.. But you will believe when you enter into Eternity only then it will be too late. Now is the time to believe with all your heart. If not, look what God calls you in Psalms 14:1
Look it up…”



Either way, the battle between believers and nonbelievers will continue.

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