Shelter Dogs And Prison Inmates Give Each Other A New Leash On Life.

Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings who deserve a chance at a long, happy life, and the rewards you get from rescuing are far greater than buying a dog. Just take a look at this happy ending.

On March 14, rescuers from Palatka, Florida, came across Remo. He was found locked up and left, in a wired cage. It seemed he’d been neglected for months and suffered from dehydration, starvation, skin disease, and parasites. It would bring tears to any animal lover. Luckily, Tillman, one of the rescuers, had the perfect place for Remo after his long recovery.

(Follow the link below to watch Remos story.)

Pit Sisters, have dedicated themselves to ‘giving a voice’ to the most misunderstood dogs. Their mission is to be more proactive and innovative with programs like— Mobile Training, Community Engagement, and TAILS (Teaching Animals & Inmates Life Skills).

You see in our nation’s correctional system; adults are living in confinement. More than one million men and women are sentenced for a variety of reasons—anger, drug abuse, robbery, murder—but in time, most will get a chance to a better future. Meanwhile, prisoners of a different sort are facing a possible death sentence. Animals like Remo, whom we share our world, have committed no crime; but may face punishment unless someone steps forward and gives them a second chance at life.

Howard Culpepper, a 24-year-old inmate, was paired with Remo for his training. It turns out Culpepper has been afraid of dogs ever since he was bitten as a young boy. But after meeting Remo and receiving so much love and trust, he changed his entire perspective.

Culpepper will be released in October after serving ten months for burglary, and he plans on adopting his own dog. Both Remo and Culpepper changed each other’s lives for the better.





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