Mom Had Stressful Day At Home, But Toddler Tells Dad the Real Story

Sometimes it is hard for us to know what our small children are thinking, or what they make of us as parents. What our daily lives look like to them, well, maybe sometimes we take that for granted. As a parent it is easy to see the day as an endless routine of chores, clean-ups and corrections. But that is not necessarily what our kids experience.



This video starts with Dad returning home from work and asking “How was your day?” It’s a simple question…or is it? So starts the story of Mom’s long day, beginning early in the morning, investigating a ‘monster’ in her little one’s room.

She breaks up sibling fights, consoles a crying baby, undoes grocery store messes, and so much more of all that general everyday stressful stuff.



“So, yeah. It was just a normal day,” says Mom.

But then she hears her daughter describing the day to Dad and gets a whole new perspective on everything she does for her kids and contributes to her family.

The video is one of many by Story of This Life, a blog and website run by a mom who takes her normal mommy experiences and shares them as insights into this “crazy, unpredictable life.”



The video is a touching reminder to see these moments from the eyes of our precious children, that even when it seems endless and exhausting, the work means everything to our little ones!


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