Woman Was Sick of Her Dog and Told A Shelter To Kill Her

Meet Mitsie.



She was an old beagle, 11 years of age. One day around Easter of 2015, Mitsie was dropped off at a shelter by her owner. The woman told the shelter staff that Mitsie ought to be put down. The woman told the staff she was sick of the dog–her sole reason for abandoning Mitsie.



The shelter, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Georgie, took in Mitsie and were so sad at her plight that they set out to get Mitsie adopted and into a truly loving home.

The shelter wrote on Facebook:

I’ve got my paws up here begging for someone out there to bring me home for Easter. I’m in a shelter and I don’t understand why my owner did this to me. I have this heavy feeling in my heart and stomach and can barely breathe thinking about what is going to happen. Or it could be that feeling you get when a relationship you valued is completely OVER! Out of no where!
You are my chance. Please restore my faith in humankind. Beagles live long lives! Although I want to turn back the clock to be young again, I regret that I have not figured out how.”

Watching the video of Mitsie, it is hard to believe that anyone could be as cold-hearted toward the sweet, little beagle. The post received over 14,000 shares and a multitude of people expressed outrage over an owner who could do such a thing.

Luckily, Mitsie’s luck has improved. On an update by the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue staff, everyone learned that Mitsie had been properly treated and rescued!

Said the post, “Mittsie, the senior beagle, has left the shelter thanks to all those who donated and shared. We can’t thank you enough!

We are happy to announce that she is heartworm negative! She is so grateful as are we for so many reasons this morning. She will never have an owner dump her again!”

Never underestimate the ability for older pets to be worthwhile and loving companions!


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