Young Mom Is Rushed To Hospital And Delivers Triplets, Doctor Takes a Closer Look At Their Faces And Froze

For one young woman from England, life was about to get very complicated very quickly. It all started when Becki-Jo, a mother of an adorable little girl named Indiana, began feeling nauseous and uncomfortable.

Since she had already gone through one pregnancy, Becki-Jo suspected a new little bun in the oven may be the cause. She had no idea that her body was preparing for this…


When doctors told 23-year-old Becki Jo Allen that she would be having triplets, she was of course shocked.

Becki-Jo told the doctor triplets aren’t common in the family so this news came completely out of the blue. And with no family history of triplets, Becki was forced to figure out her pregnancy mostly by herself. She worked with loved ones to get their family ready for the trio!

Being pregnant with triplets usually causes some complications and in some cases, not all of them survive. The three boys weighed just 3 pounds 5 ounces when they arrived and to spend their first six weeks in intensive care, but thankfully, they pulled through.

Even though things might be crazy in the Allen household – and it can be difficult for others to tell the boys apart – they wouldn’t have things any other way!

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