Add A Spook-tacular Touch To Your Front Door With This Scary Googly Eyed Wreath

Even if Halloween guests never enter your home — aka trick-or-treaters — they’ll definitely see the front porch so give it a festive feel with this Googly eye wreath. For a spooktastic touch, all eyes will be upon you this Halloween season with this awesome wreath hanging from your wall or door!


  • Styrofoam wreath form

  • black spray paint

  • black feather boa

  • 8-10 Ping-Pong balls

  • permanent markers in various colors (or paint pens)

  • floral pins

  • hot glue


First, paint the wreath form with black spray paint and set aside to dry. Don’t worry about an even paint job as most of the form will be camouflaged by the feather boa.

Next, wrap the black feather boa loosely around the wreath, completely covering it. Attach with floral pins as needed to hold it in place.

Use a permanent marker to draw a circle with a little notch taken out of it in the middle of a Ping-Pong ball. Color the shape black to make the pupil of the eye.

Choose an eye color to make the iris. We used a mix of blue and green. Follow the circle that you already created for the pupil with the colored marker.

To make the eyeballs look a little creepy, use a red marker to draw veins on the side of the eyeball. Start at the bottom of the eye going upward toward the pupil and iris. Repeat the whole process until you have enough eyeballs.

Add a bead of hot glue to a floral pin, and attach the floral pin to the back of the eyeball. Repeat for the rest of the eyeballs.

Using the pins on the back of eyeballs, attach the eyeballs randomly around the wreath.


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