Adorable Young Boy Impressively Recites Bible Verses A Through Z

This little boy is amazing! The time it took for him to learn Bible verses alphabetically is unknown, but his dedication melts our hearts. How many adults do you know that can do this?

The now 4 year- old boy in the video is named Tanner and he has been attending Glenwood Church of Christ in Tyler, Texas for all 3 and a half years of his life. The Minister of Glenwood Church had an idea to encourage the youth to learn Bible verses.

He thought adding a verse to each letter of the alphabet would help the younger children to remember, and to everyone’s surprise, it did. They took one letter at a time and each day would write the verse on the chalkboard for the kids to memorize.

They encouraged the parents to continue practicing the “verse of the day” with their children at home.

I thought it was worth a try but honestly didn’t believe that he’d be able to do it. That thought was only strengthened when I saw the list of verses the church provided to us. “Jesus wept” isn’t on the list! I wasn’t even sure they were all from the same translation”. Tanners father told the church.

“So, that Monday, we wrote the first verse on a chalkboard in our kitchen and started practicing with him. I’d run through it every day, and by Thursday, he had it”.


A total of 6 months were estimated by his father Taylor, on how long it took his son to learn all the verses in order. I’m so glad Taylor decided to share this with the world.

Tanner has been going viral on the internet and even Steve Harvey himself reached out to the family to have them on television! Amazing work tanner, you made us so proud today. Keep it up!

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