Australian Mom Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Finding Her Baby Driving His Toy Car in Circles.

Drinking an driving is frowned upon, and millions of people do it worldwide. The fear of falling asleep behind the wheel, or hurting anyone else on the road doesn’t come to mind for those drivers. And normally when you find out about these kind of situations, there’s a tragic ending. Luckily we found an uplifting story about a mom from Griffith Australia who caught her son sleeping behind the wheel and couldn’t stop laughing.

Huey and his mother were hanging out in their driveway on a regular evening, up until Huey her infant son began driving around in his brand new electric car.

All was calm until Huey’s mom noticed him driving around in slow circles, and as she approached this adorable car she couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.

She realized Huey wasn’t driving at all! He had fallen asleep at the wheel.

With all the commotion, Huey’s father made his way to the front yard to see what was going on after hearing his wife’s uncontrollable laughter. She already had her phone out to record the funny scene, naturally, that’s just what this generation does in a time like this. Before saving your child, get as much footage possible!



This is obviously the funniest case you’ll ever hear about someone ‘falling asleep at the wheel’. This mother may want to think before giving her baby a “bottle” before he hits the road again.

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