Babysitting dog never had to be taught how to love baby

Let’s take a moment to admire just how much our furry family members love us. Take Charlie, for example. Charlie is a sweet little beagle who is good at a lot of things. Charlie has been trained to play on a keyboard, how to push a traffic light crossing button, how to place a blanket on a baby, and to rock her in her swing.





But no one had to teach Charlie how to love this sweet baby girl, Laura!




Watch as Charlie and Laura become best friends, as he takes care of his new human companion, plays with her and brings her toys. We especially love the part where Charlie shares his dog bone with Laura.



The family as been documenting Charlie and Laura’s friendship for some time. There are several adorable videos of the pair. You can watch them play hide and seek, share a juicy piece of watermelon, and get up to shenanigans of all sorts. They even have their own Facebook page. Too cute!

Charlie the Beagle has captured our hearts! Do you have any stories of true puppy love in your family? Share them with us!



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