Decorate For Fall With This Easy-To-Make Mason Jar Craft

What is it about the fall season that makes me want to craft? And, more importantly, craft with mason jars …   Perhaps the hues of oranges and reds and browns offer up inspiration? Give them a try and let us know how they turn out.


  • Mason jars (cleaned and dried)

  • Contact paper

  • Chalk acrylic paint

  • Foam brush

  • X-Acto knife

  • Twine

  • Popcorn kernels or bird seed

  • Battery operated tea lights


  1. Start with your leaf template. You can either print off a template form online, trace a real-life leaf, or draw one yourself.

  2. Cut out your leaf to create the stencil.

  3. Trace the stencil on contact paper using a marker.

  4. Peel the transfer tape off the leaf and stick to your mason jar.

  5. Start painting your jar using the foam brush and acrylic paint. Allow paint to dry for a few hours before starting your 2nd coat.

  6. Use your X-Acto knife to score the edges of your leaf stencil. Start pulling the stencil away from the mason jar. Make sure to do this slowly!

  7. Decorate the jar with twine. You can also attach fall-themed stickers, stamps or tags if you like.

  8. Once you’re happy with how your jar looks, fill about halfway through your leaf with popcorn kernels or birdseed. Place battery operated tealight in jar…and you’re finished!


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