Dog Who Was Depressed After Losing Her Puppies Learns To Love Again After Fostering Newborns

Dogs stories are great, but dog stories with happy endings are even better!

Rescue shelter worker Maggie Escriva was acting as an intake coordinator at Westie and Scottie Rescue of Houston when she received a horrifying call. She learned that a litter of newborn puppies had been cruelly thrown from a moving vehicle. Sadly, 2 of the puppies died, while the remaining 6 were given emergency care and feeding.

Meanwhile, Maggie thought of Blossom, a shelter dog she had been sheltering. It turns out that Blossom had recently lose 2 of her own puppies, little Bluebell and Begonia, and was heartbroken over them.



After getting the vet’s approval, Maggie brought the puppies and Blossom together. As Maggie watched, the mama dog sprang into action and ran on instinct. She went to their bed and gave them some love, feeding and cleaning the newborns.

We can’t help notice how content Blossom looks as she cares for her adopted babies. Maggie recounts, “Blossom looked at the puppies. Then climbed into the bed and started cleaning and feeding them. I find it very inspiring to see a beautiful creature like Blossom suffer such a heartbreaking loss and turn her full attention to caring for needy puppies, saving their lives. Blossom is teaching us that the best way to heal is to help others.”




Blossom received many well wishes on the Facebook post lauding her as a great mom, sending prayers and giving thanks for the survival of the thriving puppies. One user, Carol Doggett, wrote “I’m sorry for the loss of her babies… but so thankful she is helping to rescue for another mama.💔❤️. Blossom is beautiful!”

We agree.




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