Kathy noticed a Rottweiler on the side of the road. She took the dog, but something kept nagging at her.

We all love a story of a stranger’s kindness and a family reunited, and this tale is no exception!

Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking along a country road when suddenly a dog approached her. It was a Rottweiler, and at first she was cautious, but she soon realized the dog was friendly. In fact, the dog ran over to her and snuggled against her leg. The dog looked as though it hadn’t eaten in a while, so she figured it had been lost or abandoned.



“She’s somebody’s baby, you could tell,” said Kathy. “She was starved and covered in ticks.”

Kathy brought the dog, named Ella, home with her but she knew there was something she had to do. Kathy remembered one day that there had been a particularly bad car crash in that area not long before she had found the dog.

Kathy had the idea of taking Ella back to the crash site, and when she did, something stunning occurred! Ella led her new caretaker to a pile of family belongings she had hidden after the wreck!

Kathy collected some of the items, clues to Ella’s past. “It just blew my mind,” she told CBS News.



Kathy was heartbroken but determined to see if there were anything in Ella’s collection that would lead her to the family. She found toothbrushes, a comb, various items, and finally, a notepad that had an insurance agent’s name on it. Kathy called the agent, April Bowers, who knew just who Kathy was looking for. And incredibly, Ella’s family was still alive!

The owner, Michelle, had searched for Ella for 13 days to no avail. It turned out that the dog had been frightened by responders of the crash and had run into the woods to hide.

And then she had done what loyal pets do—she’d waited.

Watch the video below to see the touching reunion of Ella and her family.


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