How to Keep That Fresh Clean House Smell in Your Home Days after Cleaning It!

If you’re trying to re-create the smell from your tropical vacation, step away from your “Orange splash” Yankee candle and take a look at your fruit basket. Are there any lemons resting in it? If so, prepare to have your mind blown with this super quick DIY candle.

It’s so simple to make and only requires two ingredients! It’ll leave that freshly cleaned house smell in your home days after all the hard work is done.

Materials Needed

  • lemon

  • olive oil

  • knife

  • matches


Start by slicing your lemon in half, and then using your knife to cut around the edge of the lemons inside.

Use a spoon to remove the inside of the lemon. However, do so carefully so that you do not remove the centre rind.

Take your second half of the lemon and complete the same process, but this time remove all the insides. Once that is completed, slice an inch off the top of the flame to breath.

Take a capful of olive oil and pour it into the first half of the lemon, and at the same time saturate the rind.

You’re all done! Light your candle and watch it glow.


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