You’ll Be A Campfire Pro With These Easy Homemade Fire Starters

Not a campfire pro? No worries! These DIY fire starters get a blaze going in no time.

Fire starters are handy to have around during the summer for those backyard fire ring nights. Or during the winter if your area is prone to blackouts. You can buy them as sticks at the outdoor store, but these homemade ones are so easy to make, I just can’t see spending the money.


Lint Egg Carton Fire Pods

  • Candles

  • Paper egg carton

  • Laundry lint

  • Scissors or box cutter

Match Candles

  • Matches

  • Toilet Paper

  • Melted Wax

Fire Balls

  • Cotton balls

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Petroleum jelly


  1. Melt your wax.

  2. Place a ball of lint into each pod of a paper egg carton.

  3. Pour melted wax into each pod until lint is fully submerged.

  4. Let the wax dry and cut each pod.

  5. To use, light the edge of the pod on fire and place into your fire pit.

Match Candles

  1. Cut a piece of toilet paper in half.

  2. Roll up the piece of paper around a match.

  3. Dip the match into melted wax. Let dry.

  4. To use, scrape off any excess wax on the head of match and light as you normally would.

Fire Balls

  1. Soak cotton balls in alcohol and squeeze to remove any excess.

  2. Next, coat your soaked cotton balls in petroleum jelly.

  3. To use, place the cotton ball into the fire pit and carefully light with a match.

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