Puppy Rescued from Abusive Home Finaly Adopted- Has the Best Reaction to Meeting His New Owner

Take a look at this sweet dog.



Three years ago he was rescued by Joey Wagner, founder of an animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, who picked him up and took him to an animal hospital for care.



Joey had heard that this 3-month-old baby pit bull was barely surviving as a victim in an abusive home. When he went to pick him up, he was shocked at the condition of the poor dog. This sweet pup was recovered with tons of bruises all over his body and a terrible case of mange.

Given the name Mojo, the dog’s wounds began to heal but he still suffered from the emotional wounds of his abuse. Thousands of people read about Mojo’s story on Facebook and fell in love with him. Many wanted to adopt him but it was just too risky to send him home with anyone after the appalling condition in which he’d been found.

But one person stepped up to take in Mojo! It turned out to be Joey Wagner, his original rescuer.



It all worked out in the end– Mojo is a healthy and joyous dog with a hero for a dad! He is even helping other dogs who need help just like he did–check out his 2016 fundraising calendar!


Hope for Mojo on Facebook

Watching the love between these two, we know that Mojo will be just fine in his warm and loving home!

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