Watch These Horses Have The Most Hilarious Reaction To Being Let Out Into The Snow

This winter has featured some record-breaking cold weather in North America. Some of the pictures in the news lately, showing spectacular blizzards and frozen landscapes, are enough to elicit a shiver no matter where you are. Even though the occasional snowy day is full of beauty and wonder, there are those among us who don’t tolerate the cold so well. But it turns out it is not just some people who are better off in warmer climates–these horses show that some animals are better suited for summer too!




This 19-second video was taken by jpcicisco and posted on YouTube. As the cooped up horses are released from the barn, they seem excited for their chance at a stroll outdoors. They clearly have some energy to spend and look like they’re eager for some horseplay.




But then, hilariously, they make it only a few steps into the wind and chill before turning tail and heading right back into their enclosure! In less than 20 seconds, the horses decide they are much better off inside, out of the blizzard.




But really, who can blame them?


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