This Teacup Bird Feeder Will Look So Cute In Your Backyard

I love this bird feeder! It’s so cute and super easy to make. All you need to make it is a teacup, small plate, glue and rope. Try making one for your backyard and let us know how it is!


  • teacup and saucer

  • ceramic glue

  • twine

  • birdseed

  • bird feeder hanger


  1. Start by gluing the side of your teacup to your saucer. Let dry.

  2. Cut three long pieces of twine about two feet long. Knot the three strands together near one end. Glue the knot onto the bottom middle of the saucer.

  3. Once the glue is dry, take your three strands of twine and gather them above the teacup. Make sure the teacup hangs level and then tie the three strands into a knot.

  4. Your teacup is now ready for outside! Fill with birdseed and enjoy your new bird friends!



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