Decorate Your House for Halloween With This DIY Candy Machine

This cheap easy-to-make Halloween Candy Machine can hold all your sweet treats and will make a nice addition to your spooky decor! You can find the flower pots and saucers to make this at any home improvement or garden store near you.


  • 6-inch terracotta pot

  • terracotta saucer (to fit your pot)

  • wooden knob

  • glass fish bowl

  • black paint (or your choice of color)

  • E6000 glue (or similar industrial strength glue)

  • Halloween candy



  1. Paint your terra cotta pot, saucer and wooden knob with black paint. Let dry.

  2. Flip your pot upside down and put glue on the bottom of your glass fish bowl. Secure to the bottom of your pot.

  3. Glue your wooden knob to the bottom of your saucer.

  4. Fill the glass bowl with your Halloween candy, place the saucer lid on top and you’re done!

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