Lost Puppy Had Nowhere To Go, Finds Shelter In Nativity Scene. Then Jesus Performs Miracle

The holiday season always brings little moments of wonder and the touching stories that go with them. Take the story of the Nativity, one of the refuge of a family on a very special night. It serves to remind us all of the need to be compassionate and caring, and that the Christmas season is a time for miracles, large and small.

At Christmas time in the town of Criciuma, in Brazil, one tiny puppy was in need of compassion and caring, and one night he found refuge. Citizens of the town woke up one morning to discover that a stray puppy had taken up residence in their local Nativity scene, right next to baby Jesus.



The poor German shepherd puppy did not have a home and found solace that night with baby Jesus in the manger. As the photo shows, the tiny dog is curled up inside the cradle alongside the doll of the little savior.



A crowd quickly gathered at the scene and many were concerned for the puppy’s well being. Luckily someone thought to capture the moment and take pictures of the adorable animal. These pictures have gone viral across the word several times over.

While the story is sweet, the ending is still a mystery. Did someone take this little guy or gal home that day? No one is sure. Though they deserve loving homes, countless dogs lead lives as strays. Though many are rescued, many remain without families. And they hold a special place in our hearts which is why this story is so touching.



While people find comfort in the story and scenery of the Nativity, this puppy found literal comfort in the lap of baby Jesus, reminding us all, once again, about the true spirit of Christmas—to spread the love and joy of the season.


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